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Djarindjin Airport

Who we are

We are an Aboriginal community of Bardi and Jawi people right near the top of the Dampier Peninsula, 200km north of Broome in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

We have 350 people living on country in our community and we want to work with all of them to get the education, training and jobs they need to live and thrive, whilst respecting our culture.

We believe in doing business in this, the Bardi way. We welcome people to work with us and we trust and respect them. In return we expect open and transparent relationships. We believe in doing business like this benefits everyone in our community.

Our mission is to use the money we make through our business endeavours to support a better future for all of us.

Existing airport operations

Since 2011, the 100% indigenous team at our airport have been hot refuelling large helicopters carrying passengers out to the oil and gas operations in the Browse Basin, some 200NM (370km) off our coast.

Hot refuelling means the rotor blades continue to turn and the engine is running while the aircraft is refuelled. Don’t worry, we make sure all the passengers are off the helicopter and waiting in our air-conditioned terminal while this is happening.

We can do anywhere between one refuel a day, up to our record of more than 30. That can happen in a busy wet season.

The airport is also used by the Royal Flying Doctor Service to transport sick and injured people from our remote home to the hospitals and medical facilities they need.

We also welcome smaller planes, so if you are flying by, stop in and say hi.


We don’t like to brag but our airport sure does turn heads and in recent years, we are proud to say we have won a few awards.

Community Impact

Our airport is helping us to close the gap for ourselves. As a community organisation, all of the profits we make go back into funding goods, services and programs for our community and supporting other economic development.

We already know how the current airport has changed the lives of the team that works there, their families and our communities through:

Aboriginal Enterprises in Mining Exploration and Energy – Judge’s Choice Award 2019

DAC Board Chair Brian Lee and Airport Manager Kimberley Baird accept the AEMEE award


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