Our Directors

Debbie Sibosado

Debbie is a long serving member of the DAC Board. She has been a staff member of DAC, in various capacities, over many years. She was born in Port Hedland and raised in Djarindjin/Lombadina. She is part of the fabric of this community and this organisation. Debbie is currently serving as the Manager of the Dampier Peninsula Safehouse for women and children, run by Djarindjin Aboriginal Corporation. She is dedicated to improving the lives of the women of the Dampier Peninsula.

Director Vincent McKenzie

Vincent McKenzie

Vincent McKenzie is a local Bardi man who is a cultural leader in his own right. Vincent has served the DAC Board for several terms now. He has worked and studied for many years to further his education. He has recently graduated as a teacher from Notre Dame University in Broome. In his role as Language Teacher at the local school, Vincent works tirelessly to keep Bardi Language alive and vibrant. Vincent is very strong with his culture and is an excellent role model for the young people of the community.

Philomena Manado

Philomena is a strong cultural woman who has lived for many years in Djarindjin Community. Her partner, Bundy Chaquebor, is a Bardi Law Man and one of the famous tour guides of the region. Mena has worked at the local school as a Senior Teachers Assistant for many years and before that she worked at the Djarindjin Day Care Centre. She is the mother of six children herself and family is the driving force in her life. She is passionate about education and creating a great future for all our children.

Selina Stumpagee

Selina is the newest member of the Djarindjin Board, coming onboard with us in December 2021. She is a local Bardi woman who has lived her whole life on the Dampier Peninsula. She is one of the next generations who is willing to step up and work in the interests of her community. She is currently employed to manage the new ‘Containers for Change’ program we are running in Djarindjin. This program generates income and helps to reduce the amount of rubbish going to the dump. We are glad to be able to add her voice to our progressive board.

Ronald Sampi Director

Ronald Sampi

Ronald is a local Bardi man. He comes from a strong cultural family. His partner and in-laws come from the Halls Creek area, so he had a good understanding of the wider Kimberley region. His work as the CDP supervisor for the Djarindjin Community keeps him engaged with issues around the community which affect lives of the people who live here. He is a respected cultural leader in community and a dedicated family man. We are glad he has undertaken this leadership position, as he has a lot to offer. He works hard for his people.

Director Brian Lee

Brian Lee

Brian Lee is the Chairman of the Djarindjin Aboriginal Corporation and has served this organisation in some capacity for about 25 years. His vision is to build a better future for his people, the Bardi Jawi mob, and to bring about sustainable employment and capacity to deliver programs and services to the community of Djarindjin and the wider Dampier Peninsula. Brian has achieved success and a level of recognition in the broader community as he runs a successful tour business which will operate out of the Djarindjin Roadhouse from 2022.