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Chief Executive Officer of Djarindjin Aboriginal Corporation

My name is Nathan McIvor; born in Victoria, spent my early childhood in Papua New Guinea, then my family moved back to Australia. Lived and worked in the Northern Territory for over 30 years and then relocated to Western Australia in 2019 to work with Djarindjin Aboriginal Corporation

My work life started as a 13 year old on Goulburn Island, NT, doing monthly stocktakes for my father who was the manager of the shop there for Arnhem Land Progress Association, I enjoyed the wholesale and retail sector as a salesman, continuing in this field until 1999.

In 1999 I commenced a new career with the Northern Territory Department of Justice, after 11 years I resigned, jaded by the constant empty words and rhetoric about indigenous disadvantage and what the Dept of Justice was doing to combat recidivist behaviour, yet the numbers of indigenous men and women incarcerated continued to increase and no real changes were ever made. It was time to move on, I recognised that the criminal justice system was an enterprise and the numbers of public service employees rose the more people were incarcerated.

I moved to Local Government as a Coordinator for the Night Patrol program in the West Arnhem region and worked in this space for the next 10 years with several Regional Councils in the NT which included Council Service Managers and Area Manager roles.  

I am proud to be the CEO for Djarindjin Aboriginal Corporation and believe in the direction that this organisation wants to go. Djarindjin Aboriginal Corporation is leading the way as a voice for Indigenous Australians in the areas of self-determination and self-empowerment, it is an honour to be serving this organisation and being part of its present and future.

Operations Manager of Djarindjin Aboriginal Corporation