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An Awesome Night

Community Achievement Awards

More Campgrounds for the State

Rinehart Finalists 2021

Djarindjin women making wreaths at the Dampier Peninsula Safehouse 

Djarindjin Campground

Facebook Announcement 13th July

Accessing the Dampier Peninsular during the Covid-19 Crisis (Video)

'Djarindjin Airport Expansion

A remote Kimberley community says it will push ahead with plans for a multi-million-dollar relocation and expansion of its airport despite a lack of support from the WA Government.

Tiny WA community creates one-of-a-kind Djarindjin Airport in Kimberley

A TINY Aboriginal community in WA’s remote Kimberley has paid off a $6 million debt to create an airport servicing the off-shore oil and gas industry...

Djarindjin CEO Slams Tourists

Vaccination Concerns

Media Release March 2021

DAC awarded the Remote Communities Pilot Program for Language, Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Skills (LLND) Development for Western Australia.

Transition of Early Childhood and Parent Support Services

As requested by the National Indigenous Australians Agency, programs for Ardyaloon community will be transitioned to Ardyaloon Inc. and programs for Djarindijn, Lombadina and Beagle Bay transitioned to Djarindjin Aboriginal Corporation....

Aboriginal-owned airport a refuelling hub for oil and gas helicopters

Federal politicians and industry leaders travelled to Djarindjin, 200 kilometres north of Broome...

Djarindjin Aboriginal Corporation taking to the skies

“Djarindjin’s success is an example of Indigenous corporations operating successfully and profitably in today’s economy, and building on a renewed culture of entrepreneurialism in Indigenous communities...